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Beaten By The Police?

Physical injuries and emotional trauma as a result of altercations with law enforcement are on the rise in New York City. While this ongoing macroaggression seems shocking in the 21st century, the only way it is going to subside is to hold law enforcement accountable for overstepping the boundaries of their lawful power.

At Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC, our trial attorneys commit to being part of the solution.

We Will Help You Protect Your Rights

Police misconduct by a few has become a source of growing public distrust. Our trial law attorneys encourage those who are suffering at the hand of police brutality or prosecutorial misconduct to step forward and call us for legal counsel. You have constitutional rights to be free of law enforcement’s negligent and unlawful actions, including:

  • Racial profiling
  • Verbal attacks
  • Excessive force
  • Deadly force
  • Malicious behavior
  • False arrest
  • Unreasonable searches
  • Unreasonable seizure of your property
  • Rape or sexual assault

Misuse of power has also resulted in death. If you or your loved one experiences law enforcement abusing their authority or power, speak with an experienced attorney.

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak To A Lawyer

Seeking justice can seem intimidating. But when you talk to an attorney about police brutality or prosecutorial misconduct, you become part of the solution to a more just society. Our experienced team can help you file an injunction or a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for monetary compensation for your injuries, punitive damages and attorney fees. Call 212-307-0023 or send us an email to start.