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There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of Motor Vehicle Accidents In New York

It is easy to get from one place to another in New York City: personal cars, motorcycles and trucks as well as public transportation such as buses, rideshares, taxis or the train. Outside the city, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and other recreational vehicles add to the mix. Each of these types of motor vehicles presents the possibility of a wide range of severe injuries or death. Driver distraction, intoxication, lack of sleep, inattention, poorly maintained road or pathway systems or mechanical failures can lead to catastrophic results.

Insurance companies are often present at the scene of an accident, particularly for commercial vehicle and mass transit accidents. Do not accept an insurance representative’s offer without first speaking with an attorney. Most insurance companies attempt to minimize their insured’s responsibility.

When you or a loved one has severe injuries, whether while driving your own car, a passenger, on a construction site or a pedestrian, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys as soon as you are able after the accident to discuss your legal options.

Staying Abreast Of Current Legislative Updates And Case Law

At Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC, our attorneys provide premier legal representation for cases involving catastrophic injuries and death following a motor vehicle accident. Insurance companies know we prioritize staying abreast of statutes, current legislative updates and recent case law pertaining to motor vehicle accident injuries. They also know we meticulously prepare each claim to become a courtroom case.

We limit our caseload so we can devote the time necessary for:

  • Investigation of the accident scene
  • Researching negligent party history
  • Drawing all possible negligent parties into the lawsuit
  • Networking with relevant experts
  • Gathering medical records
  • Calculating actual and future expenses for economic and noneconomic damages
  • Conducting depositions for expert testimony and witness statements
  • Crafting motions and responses

Because of our reputation for strong success in the courtroom, we are able to leverage our negotiating power for settling a motor vehicle accident injury case outside the court.

Over Half Of Our Cases Come To Us By Way Of Attorney Referral

Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC provides intelligent strategies based on our extensive negotiating and litigating experience. Other personal injury law firms frequently seek our firm for counsel, advice or to take on the litigation aspect of their personal injury cases. Call our office in New York at 212-307-0023 or send us an email to initiate a consultation. Hablamos Español.