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4 drivers with high accident rates

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Of the millions of people driving every day, thousands of vehicles are involved in auto accidents. Many victims can’t react in time to prevent these auto accidents. Why do so many auto accidents happen?

Some drivers act in unsafe ways that increase their chances of causing collisions. Here are the types of drivers with high accident rates:

1. Drunk drivers

Alcohol impairs drivers’ senses. For example, a driver may have vision issues, poor judgment and slow reaction time because of alcohol. Many drunk driving accidents happen at night and around bars, but accidents have been known to occur during the day. Some drivers may be able to spot a drunk driver who is swerving between lanes, running red lights or speeding.

2. Drowsy drivers

Drowsy driving can be just as bad as drunk driving. Drowsiness can impair reaction time and some drivers are likely to fall asleep while driving and lose control of their vehicle. Drivers may become drowsy after long rides without brakes, from medical conditions or after leaving work.

3. Distracted drivers

One of the biggest modern issues is distractions. Many people get distracted while driving. The most common cause of this is likely phones. Phones are practically made to draw people’s attention away from what they are doing, such as driving. Even a few seconds of distracted driving can lead to an auto accident. 

4. Student drivers

Everyone learns to drive for the first time. Most student drivers only have a limited amount of knowledge of traffic flow and laws and vehicle operation. If a student driver suddenly gets nervous or startled while driving, they may do something that causes an accident, such as stepping on the gas pedal when they should have used the brake. 

Knowing your legal rights

You can’t always predict whether you’ll be in an auto accident. You could be involved in an accident that only does minor damage to your vehicle or you could be in a traumatic accident resulting in the need for medical attention. No matter how minor your auto accident is, you should learn about your legal rights.