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2 things to avoid after you file a medical malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

No one goes in for a medical procedure or health checkup expecting to leave worse off than when they arrived. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are as prone to errors as anyone, but their mistakes can harm others, sometimes seriously.

Those planning to seek a medical malpractice claim after suffering a negligent illness or injury usually only do so for two reasons. They need economic compensation to lessen the effects of the injury, or they want to hold negligent medical providers accountable for a terrible mistake.

Regardless of your goals, practice discretion in what you do and say after filing a medical malpractice claim under New York law.

Do not fail to prepare 

What do you suppose a doctor or hospital does after being named in a malpractice claim? They do not sit still and hope the matter will go away. They begin preparing to avoid the worst outcome through the help of their associates. Some facilities have an entire team working hard to reduce the negative impact of medical malpractice claims. You can help your own case by keeping a journal of your experiences and how your condition now affects you, gathering your medical records and similar actions.

Do not speak with the other party

Some doctors may try to reach out to harmed patients, maybe to offer some words of compassion or to convince them not to sue. Whatever their intentions, avoid speaking with the other side directly in any legal matter. You might inadvertently say something their counsel can use to refute your claim. (Do keep copies, however, of any written communications.)

To preserve your compensation and hold the responsible parties to account for your harm, you should take steps to strengthen your case. Experienced legal guidance can help you pursue your claim.