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Poor communication can detract from your medical care 

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

You’ve been feeling ill for some time now and just can’t seem to shift it. In situations like this, it’s advisable to seek medical care, which is what you have done. 

As a patient, you are entitled to assume that you’ll receive a high standard of treatment that is free from negligent mistakes. Usually, this is how doctor appointments and hospital visits go. 

Unfortunately, there are rare instances where medical teams do not live up to the legal standards they are supposed to. One of the more common causes of medical errors is poor communication. Here’s how it might harm you as a patient. 

Conflicts between staff 

Medical opinions regarding your condition may differ, as with the treatment options. This is something that medical professionals encounter every day. However, they are expected to reach a consensus based on objective reasoning and the evidence in front of them. The conflict between doctors and nurses could ultimately result in you having to wait longer than you should for the appropriate treatment, which could put your health at risk. 

Confusing instructions 

Doctors tend to have a busy workload which means they might have to delegate some tasks. In the medical field, it’s vital that instructions are clear, as it only takes a small error to worsen the condition of a patient. If an experienced doctor leaves your treatment to someone who isn’t sure what they are doing, your life could ultimately be in danger. 

If your condition has been made worse rather than better in a medical institution, this is unacceptable. If negligence was a factor, then you may be able to hold the institution to account. Having legal guidance on your side will allow you to consider your options more carefully.