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Which injuries are most common in pedestrian accidents? 

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether it’s for environmental purposes, cost-saving or fitness reasons, many people opt to get around on foot rather than jumping in their cars. While there are sidewalks and pedestrian zones in New York, it’s inevitable that walkers and motor vehicles will have to operate within the same area at times.

Every year, thousands of individuals are injured in pedestrian accidents. More often than not, it is the pedestrian who comes off worse than the driver. What sort of injuries commonly occur during pedestrian accidents and what are your options if this happens to you?

The lower sections of the body 

As a pedestrian, if you are struck by a car, then the most likely place that you will suffer injuries is in the lower sections of your body. Fractures and damaged ligaments in the legs are extremely common in this type of accident. 

In more severe cases, you may even suffer damage to the pelvis and lower spine, which could see your mobility limited for an extended period, or even permanently.  

Head, neck and facial injuries 

Of course, it is not only the lower parts of your body that are vulnerable during an accident, you are also susceptible to head, neck and facial injuries, which can be very severe. 

Any type of head injury is a medical emergency, so it’s vital that you seek medical treatment promptly. After this, you can start thinking about your legal options in terms of compensation. 

If you’ve been hit by a negligent driver, then compensation will be able to cover some of your financial costs while you recover. Having knowledgeable guidance behind you will give you the best possible chance at a just outcome in your case.