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Has your dentist made an error? 

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Your teeth are crucial to much of what you do. You need them to eat and communicate effectively. If something goes wrong with your teeth, then you rely on a dentist to remedy the situation. 

In a similar fashion to doctors, dentists owe you a duty of care as professionals. If they are negligent in your treatment, then they should be held to account for this in legal terms. In what way might your dentist let you down? 

Taking on more than they should

Some dental issues are relatively straightforward, and the majority of practitioners might be able to take care of them. Some issues with the teeth and gums can be complex, and even potentially dangerous. 

If a dentist does not have the relevant training or experience to deal with an issue, then they should not carry on regardless. They have a duty to refer you to someone who can help, such as a specialist or orthodontist. A failure to do this could result in severe pain, discomfort and further complications. In the most severe cases, aggravated dental issues could be a threat to your life.


At the end of the day, dental problems are health issues, and dentists must do their best to identify the problem and find a solution. A misdiagnosis can occur for a number of reasons. 

Was your dentist’s workload so high that they rushed you out the door without a thorough checkup? Were they careless in the testing procedures they followed? In any case, a dental misdiagnosis can cause you severe harm in the long run. 

If a dentist is negligent in the way that they treat you, then you may be eligible for a dental malpractice claim. Be sure to seek legal guidance and find out what your options are.