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Winter weather and understaffing are major slip-and-fall risks

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

As temperatures drop and precipitation accumulates, the roads and sidewalks in New York can become difficult to travel on. The interiors of businesses can also become more dangerous than usual.

The colder seasons in New York present a time when the average person has an increased risk for a slip-and-fall incident. 

Businesses have to do a lot to maintain safe premises

It takes a substantial amount of manpower to maintain facilities so that they are safe for public access. A business also needs to provide security so that people don’t become victims of criminal activity. Premises are also required to maintain the exterior and interior of the building so that people can reasonably and safely access the facilities.

Keeping a business safe may mean investing in the structure itself and in the improvement or maintenance of equipment, like refrigerators. Staff members need to be available to clean spills, straighten rugs and mop up muddy entranceways. They need to move quickly to address these issues.

When there aren’t enough staff members available to handle these responsibilities, they can go unaddressed, resulting in visitors getting hurt. A business cannot prevent a slip and fall without enough staff members on hand to clear snow, clean floors and handle all the other cleaning and maintenance necessary for a safe and accessible business space.

When companies cut corners or when they don’t have enough staff available, members of the public can fall and get hurt. Realizing you can bring a premises liability claim over a slip-and-fall at a store could help you connect with reimbursement for your losses.