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What is the liability of doctors for medical misdiagnosis?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Medical misdiagnosis can have dire consequences for victims which is why medical care providers who fail to correctly diagnose a disease or illness may be liable for the harm suffered by victims. Medical malpractice can include several types of medical negligence and victims should understand medical malpractice liability.

Liability for medical misdiagnosis

There are several different ways victims may not be properly diagnosed. Each can have disastrous consequences for victims.

First, misdiagnosis refers to when the victim receives the wrong diagnosis. To be liable for medical malpractice, the legal standard is if a reasonably prudent medical care provider under similar circumstances would have come to the same diagnosis. It is also possible that a medical care provider correctly diagnoses a medical condition and erroneously treats it.

In addition, there are two ways that a failure to diagnose can be harmful to victims. One is that the medication and treatment the victim receives for the wrong medical condition may cause them harm. In the meantime, the victim does not receive the medical care and treatment they need for the disease or illness they are suffering.

Finally, a delayed diagnosis can similarly result in the victim not receiving the medical care and treatment they need in a timely manner.

Sometimes a medical condition may be life-threatening and a prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential. Ways that medical care providers may incorrectly diagnose a patient can include by not listening to their medical history, not ordering appropriate tests or not properly reading tests.

When a patient is not properly diagnosed, they can suffer from a lack of treatment or the wrong treatment. The general rule is that if the victim suffered disease progression beyond what they would have suffered had the illness or disease been timely diagnosed and properly treated, the medical care provider may be liable for the victim’s damages.