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What are some common causes of semi-truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While people in New York recognize that the transportation of goods by semi-truck is necessary to our nation’s economy that does not make driving near them any easier. We rely on truckers to handle these massive vehicles with care and confidence. Unfortunately, many truckers fail to uphold their duty of care while driving and will cause a truck accident. The following are five common causes of semi-truck crashes.

Cause 1: Driver error

Many semi-truck accidents boil down to simple driver error. There are nonperformance errors, such as falling asleep or suffering a medical condition while behind the wheel. There are recognition errors, such as distracted driving or daydreaming. There are decision errors, such as speeding or tailgating. Finally, there are performance errors such as panicking or overcompensating.

Cause 2: Inadequate training

Truckers must receive adequate training in handling their vehicles safely. Unfortunately, many do not receive this training even if they have a commercial driver’s license. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in the process of improving minimum training requirements for truckers.

Cause 3: Mechanical breakdowns

Equipment failure is another common cause of truck accidents. According to one resource, 55% of semi-truck crashes resulting in injuries involved at least one mechanical failure. Equipment failure can take the form of faulty brakes, worn tires, missing underride rails, defective lights, unbalanced cargo, transmission failure and more.

Cause 4: Employer pressure

Truckers are often pressured by their employers to meet unrealistic deadlines. This could lead to improper loading, driver fatigue and stress. These factors up the likelihood that a truck accident could occur.

Cause 5: Alcohol or drug abuse

Truckers are not immune to the dangers of alcohol or drug abuse. All motorists should avoid driving while intoxicated. This is especially true for truckers who handle vehicles weighing tens of thousands of pounds. The shere size and weight of a semi-truck makes accidents involving one of these vehicles especially catastrophic.

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