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Construction workers seriously hurt after Brooklyn wall collapse

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Work-Related Deaths

Construction is a daily part of life in New York City. This is beneficial in many ways as it improves the landscape and provides jobs. Even with that, there are inherent risks for the workers. Using heavy tools, working at substantial heights and large equipment are all key aspects of the work. All can lead to risk of an accident with serious injuries and death. Workers who have been hurt on the job are likely to face a litany of challenges including medical expenses, lost wages and the potential for long-term ramifications that will not just impact them but impact their families as well. Knowing the available options is vital.

Ceiling and wall collapse hospitalizes two construction workers

Two workers were buried when a ceiling and wall collapsed as they worked on a building. The incident occurred in the mid-afternoon at approximately 2 p.m. It was a demolition project and the workers were stationed on the second floor. The workers were trapped while emergency services made certain the entire building would not collapse before they extracted them. This lasted for more than an hour. After they were freed, they were taken to the hospital and reportedly had serious injuries.

The building was a two-story. The plan was to make it into a five-story structure. An investigation is commencing and the Department of Buildings is assessing what happened. They think the roof collapsed as demolition was being done. There had been violations issued on the project earlier in the summer. Work has been stopped as the accident is investigated.

After a construction accident, workers should have care and guidance

Construction work is arduous and dangerous. Workers who suffer personal injury on the job might be under the impression that workers’ compensation benefits will cover for all they have lost. This is not always the case. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons including negligence on the part of the contracting company, a problem with the equipment or a mistake by fellow workers. Whether it is a fall, a transportation accident, a problem with machinery, an explosion or – as in this accident – a collapse, it is critical to know what steps to take in the aftermath to recover for wages, medical costs and more. That includes discussing the case with witnesses, looking at the medical prognosis and checking the employer’s safety record. Having experienced assistance is essential from the outset to be fully protected.