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New York scaffolding law protects construction workers

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Work-Related Deaths

There are many people in New York who work in the construction industry. These jobs are typically well-paying and allow a person to provide for their family. But construction jobs are also some of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. But workers in New York have specific legal protection under certain sections of the New York Labor Law.

New York Labor Law 240

 New York Labor Law Section 240 is also known as the “scaffolding law”. The law protects workers who are at risk of falls in their occupation. The law covers workers who are on ladders, scaffolds or other supports while working at heights as well as equipment that falls and injures workers on the ground. Labor Law 240 requires employers to provide safety equipment for workers to protect them from falls. Total liability for worker safety and accidents involving heights is placed on the contractor or owner who is directing the work to be done. They must provide scaffolding and other safety equipment for workers as well as ensure that the scaffolds can hold four times the maximum weight required for workers and materials that are placed on them.

Legal recourse after a construction accident

If a person is injured in a construction fall, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in construction accidents. An attorney understands that a company or building owner is considered liable in any accident involving working on scaffolds or other raised platforms. They can make sure their client’s rights are protected against these big corporations and that they are held accountable for their negligence.