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Frequency of work-related deaths in construction are concerning

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Work-Related Deaths

In New York and across the nation, accident statistics are analyzed. Currently, the statistics for 2020 are somewhat skewed by the pandemic. This is true regarding all personal injury and fatality incidents. For work-related accidents and deaths, it should be considered in the context of reduced time on the job and the halting of certain projects. This was especially true in the construction industry. If there is a construction accident, those impacted should understand their options personally and financially. Part of that is being cognizant of the numbers.

Study says construction deaths were rising prior to health crisis

The health crisis forced many construction projects to temporarily shut down, altering the landscape for accident analysis. Still, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released its annual report for construction accidents and found that there was a continuing uptick of fatalities prior to the pandemic. The most recent comprehensive statistics are for 2019. Based on that, the fatality numbers rose for the third consecutive year. Overall, construction accidents were one-quarter of all worker deaths in New York City. This is higher than the annual rate across the U.S., where it is around 19%. It is important to note that only 4% of the working population is employed in construction.

In New York in 2019, there were 24 construction workers killed on the job. In 2018, there were 22. In the decade from 2010 to 2019, 215 died. The most were in 2014 with 28; the fewest in 2011 when there were 14. Construction work is generally the riskiest industry for people to work in throughout the nation. There were 1,061 construction fatalities across the country in 2019. Demographically, Hispanic workers constituted more than 20% of construction deaths in New York City. This is believed to be at least partially due to employers taking advantage of immigrants who are unaware of proper safety procedures or are fearful of complaining about risk and lack of vigilance.

Understanding how to deal with a fatal construction accident

Falling objects, ladder falls, explosions and the absence of legally required safety protocols are just some of the ways in which construction workers can be injured and suffer work-related deaths. The numbers are troublingly consistent with only a health crisis leading to a reduction in worker injuries and death. People who have been hurt in a construction accident and families who have lost a loved one should know how to recover compensation for lost income, medical costs and long-term challenges. Having assistance with investigating the case, talking to witnesses and determining how to move forward is critical. For advice and help, having professional guidance is useful from the start.