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Someone is usually at fault for so-called car “accidents”

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York City is home to millions of people and, as a result, each year there are many, many car collisions. Some are auto-pedestrian collisions, others are so-called “fender benders” and yet others are multi-vehicle collisions or collisions that result in severe injuries to some of the people involved. No matter what type of car collision it is, it is very rare indeed that any given one will be a true car “accident.” In most situations, someone is at fault.

Fault in a car “accident”

A recent news article detailed how important it is to avoid referring to car collisions as car “accidents.” As the article noted, calling such an incident an “accident” seems to imply that no one was at fault – that it was simple, random chance that caused the collision in question. However, whether it is distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving or any other of a number of different causes for car collisions, it is highly likely that fault can be assigned to one or more of the parties involved.

The recent article took the position that changing the way these events are described from car “accidents” to car “crashes” or “collisions” could change the way many people think about these incidents, which we all know can be quite dangerous and even deadly, leaving victims with serious injuries. There is an implied ownership of behavior by taking the reference to “accident” out of such an event.

In New York City, car collisions are common, unfortunately. Anyone who has been injured in such a collision may be able to pursue legal action to attempt to recover financial compensation. Such compensation can be used to pay the unexpected medical bills, among other costs, that almost always arise in the aftermath of serious car crashes.