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At Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC, our attorneys work hard and smart for those who have experienced serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Because personal injury is a complex area of the law, we limit the cases we select. Our attorneys’ primary focus is assisting clients and their families with catastrophic or fatal injuries. These cases require extensive time and resources. While many cases will settle prior to a courtroom battle, we prepare each case as though we will litigate before a judge and jury. We carefully build the strongest case for our clients through investigation, research, expert testimony, medical records, witness depositions and meticulously written motions and responses.

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Personal Injury Cases Are Multifaceted And Require Sophisticated Strategies

Our sophisticated personal injury litigation strategies and trial court experience are the reason over half of our clients are referrals from other personal injury attorneys. Most personal injury claims we accept involve a complex weave of applying statutes, legislative updates and case law to several negligent parties liable for the injuries of our clients. We pursue every angle of a claim to ensure optimal results. We assist our clients obtain the maximum compensation they deserve for their injuries and loss.

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Our attorneys have built a solid reputation for our premier litigation services. When you are dealing with a catastrophic injury or death, you need a law firm you can trust. Send us an email or call Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC in New York at 212-307-0023 to learn how we can assist you. Hablamos Español.