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At Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC, our attorneys obtain substantial monetary compensation for our clients and their families who have been seriously injured. Our firm’s focus is catastrophic accidents involving commercial trucks and vehicles, airplane crashes, construction site slip-and fall accidents and medical malpractice.

Commercial Trucking Accident
Injuries Have Resulted In Multimillion-Dollar Compensation

At Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC, our attorneys handle complex litigation for accident injuries involving commercial service trucks such as refrigerated box trucks, 18-wheeler haulers, flatbed delivery trucks, crane bodies, concrete mixers and even rollback tow trucks. The enormous size and weight of these trucks often result in disastrous injuries following an accident.

Commercial truck drivers are held to a higher standard of safety and driving regulations than ordinary drivers. Penalties for noncompliance and negligence against commercial vehicle owners and their employed drivers are steep. This is because the harm caused by commercial vehicle crashes frequently involves life-altering injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damages, amputations, severe emotional suffering and death. Our trial attorneys hold commercial vehicle owners and operators accountable for their negligent actions. While we do not guarantee the outcome of your case, we work hard to get our clients the optimal compensation for their injuries and loss.

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Our Firm’s Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Complex negotiation and litigation for devastating accident injuries

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, buses, taxis, trains, trucks

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks, 18-wheeler haulers, crane bodies, concrete mixers

Aviation Accidents

Commercial plane crashes, helicopter collisions, single-engine wrecks

Construction Site Accidents

Faulty ladders or scaffolding, explosions, fires, mechanical failure

Premises Liability

Slip-and-fall accidents, unsafe lighting, lack of security, no warning signs

Wrongful Death

Compensation for the loss of a loved one due to another’s negligence

Medical Malpractice

Surgical errors, misdiagnosis, birth injuries, lack of proper hygiene

Wrongful Prosecution / Police Brutality

Accountability when New York law enforcement violates your rights

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Personal Injury Litigation Strategies

We do not accept every client who seeks our services. Our trial lawyers are selective about the cases we accept because we devote extensive time and resources to each case we work on. Although many complex personal injury settlements result from skillful negotiation outside of the court room, we meticulously prepare each case as though we will take it before a jury in trial court. This means investigating the minute details of the accident, researching the negligent party’s prior history of negligent actions, working with forensic experts, gathering medical records and collecting depositions to build the strongest case in favor of our clients.

The personal injury cases our firm works on have varying degrees of complexity and often involve several negligent parties. Aviation accidents, injuries on construction sites or physician errors frequently encompass not only numerous people and businesses but also manufacturers of equipment or parts.

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